Sunbloc is a British designed and manufactured Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) System. It is the most advanced system on the market with a number of small innovations that add up to a large performance improvement for all construction requirements.


The Sunbloc range consists of just eight bloc designs consisting of our standard bloc, half height bloc, lintel, long and short corner blocs, floor edge bloc, corbel bloc and end stops.

The majority of Sunbloc Insulated concrete formworks are completely reversible for ease of construction.


The advantages of Sunbloc construction include but are not limited to:

  • Fully airtight envelope

  • Monolithic build with superior structural strength

  • Increased Thermal Values and benefits of thermal mass

  • Superior fire and  acoustic performance

  • Speed of build means a watertight shell quickly and easily

  • Reduced labour costs

  • Sunbloc is an energy efficient building method

  • Simple service installation for follow on trades

Sunbloc is built up of 55mm EPS a 145mm concrete core and another 55mm of EPS to create an overall thickness of 250mm. This it the same across our whole range.

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