Construction With Sunbloc:

  • Building with Sunbloc is incredibly simple, think of it as large Lego blocs, which leads to increased speed of construction whilst reducing the amount of specialist skill sets required on site.

  • One man could lay approximately 30m2 of Sunbloc a day (includes the concrete pour process). Traditional brick and bloc is approximately 12m2 per day on average. With just one day of Sunbloc training a builder can be achieve these results.

  • For example for a 2 story building 6m x 10m or 160m2 of wall area a would take 5 days for just one man in Sunbloc as apposed to 14 days for one man using brick work.

  • As you can imagine this means a considerable saving on labour time and cost across the build project.

  • As we can see in the Video this London 3 bed town house was constructed to include suspended ground floors and first and second floors in V-Tec and all ground ,first and second floors up to wall plate all of this was done in just 18 days to include 2 days for external scaffolding.


Other benefits of Sunbloc:

  • Immediate Follow-On Trades –The Sunbloc system allows the watertight building shell to be erected quickly. The follow-on trades can therefore enter the building and start putting utilities and finishes into place much quicker than traditional building methods.

  • Simple Service Installation – A great benefit of using Sunbloc is the ability to put the conduit, cabling, ducting etc. for the services you require within the wall space of the empty Sunbloc prior to pouring the concrete, this saves time and makes for a very efficient way of construction. This can be supplemented by chasing within the inner wall of polystyrene after the concrete wall has been poured and cured.

  • Less Heavy Plant and Equipment – Heavy plant and equipment that you would normally find on the average building site when using traditional building methods is not required with Sunbloc. This is due to the light-weight nature of Sunbloc and the quickness of the modular build. Naturally this also promotes Health and Safety on site.

  • Good House Keeping – Using Sunbloc makes it very easy to keep the building site tidy and clean, as the Sunbloc is easy to stack and waste is kept at a minimum and can even be used for insulating foundations.

  • Improved Site Safety – This is achieved by the fact that Sunbloc is light to handle so less chance of injury. The work place is easy to keep tidy thereby cutting down the possibility of trips falls etc. and because the need for plant and other equipment is minimal, chances of accidents are also minimised.

  • Plasterboard-You have the ability to either fix directly to the plasterboard via the Sunbloc dedicated fixing points alternatively it can be secured by using either battens or the “dot and dab” process. If a dry fix solution is used costs can be reduced.

  • Sunbloc versus traditional build defects-The Sunbloc structure can be built in most weather conditions including rain and frost and once the concrete infill is cured is not affected by adverse weather conditions. This is a big benefit to the finished job as alternative systems can suffer from extensive cracking, movement and defects once subjected to the same conditions