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Webs: Our HIPS (High Impact polystyrene), webs come already molded into the Sunbloc and have a number of unique properties that are covered by our patent.

Dedicated Fixing Points: Positioned at the point of the Sunbloc logo on the outside of both sides of Sunbloc at 400mm centers.These can be used as general fixing points but can also secure batons for plasterboard or indeed bluebird ties to connect a brick or stone fascia etc.. Anywhere in the square is a general fixing point but inside the Sunbloc logo motif itself is the dedicated fixing point. Our webs do not bridge the cavity so you have no cold bridging or moisture transfer between the outside and inside of the building. These are patented to Sunbloc meaning we are the only insulated concrete formwork on the market that doesn't bridge the cavity. 

Webs molded into the Sunbloc: Sunblocs come fully formed with the webs in place so there is no need for assembly on site thus saving time. All webs are made of HIPS and are stronger and more frequent than the majority of our competitors.The built in water bar in the web is also a technical advantage over our competitors aiding a reduction in heat transferal,acoustic and fire issues.

Staggered Web Alignment: The webs in a Sunbloc are staggered, this provides two main benefits. Firstly this will disperse the concrete when it is poured into the walls, this means when the correct mix is used there is no need for vibration of the walls after the pour. Secondly it gives more options for fixings at different parts of the wall rather than all being fixed at the same distance apart and means that our Sunblocs can be cut easier.