Designing With Sunbloc: Sunbloc is incredibly flexible and can be used to achieve almost any design scenario required for the project including curved walls and large openings. Buildings do not need to be originally designed to use Sunbloc as the system can be cut down on site to fit any dimensions and being British manufactured, Sunbloc is designed in metric units there is no need to convert the design measurements.Having said this modular design is always beneficially and Sunbloc lends itself to this.

If the project is still in the design phase then it is easy to use the inherent dimensions of Sunbloc to design in a modular way to reduce the need for cutting lengths on site and reducing waste and cost. This also extends to placement of window openings as these can be designed to sit in at pre-arranged course heights at multiples of 125mm (done with the benefit of the Sunbloc half height bloc to adjust course heights).

So no matter what stage of design or build type you have its easy to incorporate Sunbloc into your build.