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Ecology of Construction

The on set of global warming has dictated that the thermal insulation values associated with building products will be substantially improved in the near future.


EPS is an excellent thermal insulator, as the Building Research Establishment has confirmed in its extensive research involving over 250 products [ref: "Green Guide to Specification, 2008"]. The material has been upgraded to "A" rating. EPS also achieved the highest rating in the related lifecycle analysis, as an inert, stable material, with zero global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential. The standard block has a U-value of 0.20W/m2K. If more insulation is required, it is simple to achieve 0.11Wm2K by attachment of a 10 mm quilt.












As demonstrated by the above illustration, Sunbloc will attain the Code 6 level for Sustainable Homes. Passive House standards can be reached with a total wall thickness of just 33cm. When filled with sustainable concrete Sunbloc achieves an A+ Green Guide rating


Walls of Sunbloc represent a labour saving approach to the installation of ducting for air conditioning and energy saving heat-exchange systems (Standard in Scandinavian homes), resulting in further energy savings.


In addition to the above basic features, the company has done preliminary work on an innovative feature, to deal with the predicted growing problem of extreme weather, + attendant flood risk. Large regions within existing settlements (e.g. Kensington, North Surrey, and Oxford) now appear on flood risk maps, and much of the Thames Gateway project. It is now possible at modest cost, to incorporate devices by which the building can be kept watertight against a considerable degree of local inundation. This project continues, and indications so far are promising.