Sunbloc Ltd

Summer House Rear of 53 High Street

Tenterden, Kent

TN30 6BD

Tel: 01580 767700



Sunbloc was established in 2010 to market and sell the branded product Sunbloc - a Modern Method of Construction fully complying with the industry’s demand for environment friendly products with a low carbon foot print. The importance of producing buildings that have minimal environmental impact during their construction/service/disposal life-cycle cannot be understated in modern house building. Sunbloc is the best way to achieve these requirements at a minimal cost. Manufactured in the UK, Sunbloc is made from Neopo a highly insulating form of Expanded Polystyrene with excellent green credentials, recently developed by BASF.


A system of interlocking rectangular blocks are built up and then filled with concrete to create the walls of a building. The simplicity of the build process leads to much shorter building programs for construction of the weather tight shell and for completion of the follow on trades. Neopor provides high thermal insulation and a surface to which almost any finish can be applied, be it a simple render or a more traditional facing such as brick, tile, timber etc. Above all the system continues to perform in the finished building. High levels of occupant comfort and minimum running costs are maintained throughout the life of the building.


Total build time is faster than for timber frame or other pre-fabricated construction methods. EPS* is also far more adaptable. For example, it is the most cost effective solution for building below ground and for water tight structures. The system provides the obvious route to building passive energy homes to code 6.



Economies of Construction