The Sunbloc system contributed to the success of the build by allowing the project to get to a watertight stage incredibly quickly (5 weeks for all the walls in Sunbloc). Also due to the high thermal efficiency of the system it provided a perfect base to make the large house easy to heat and cool.

Due to the fact the webs and fixing points on the Sunbloc don’t bridge the cavity this means that the internal fixing of plasterboard maintains the airtightness of the walls allowing the SAP rating to be achieved easily with the use of less insulation overall in the build saving money.

Due to the speed of build money was also saved on labour costs as well as being able to grant access to the follow on trades earlier in the build process meaning that they could work internally through the winter months meaning this incredibly high spec house was finished and ready to move in much faster than the family had originally assumed possible when looking at traditional construction.

This Project Was Nominated for Best ICF House 2019

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