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Sunblocs are used as insulated formwork for concrete (ICF) provide an economic and environmentally friendly method of wall construction with optimum insulation for living accommodation. Sunblocs are of modular size, lightweight and robust, and are set out on site according to plans then pump filled with concrete.

Three or four operators can complete the walls of an average size, single story house in just one day, with roof construction commencing the following day.

Sunblocs are suitable for insulated walls, including: 












The exterior finish of a Sunbloc wall can be a simple render or traditional facings such as brick, tiles, brick slips or weather boarding. Basement walls will normally be treated with solvent-free bitumen coatings or waterproof membranes.  To compliment Sunbloc walls, the V-Tec Beam and Block Floor system has been designed to provide a clear span, reinforced and insulated concrete floor.


The wide range of component shapes and different levels of performance, coupled with the excellent structural performance of insitu concrete allow much more design flexibility than would be possible with alternative building systems. Unique designs become entirely practical and modular integration of the components to function in a dimensional grid of 62.5 mm allows complicated designs to be constructed from standard components. Consequently, the expense of realising a "one-off" design is kept to a minimum, as is the delivery lead time and construction time on site.


Whether constructing a unique design or multiple unit development scheme, the actual building process is the same. The Sunbloc components are assembled into the specified formwork design, incorporating openings as the work proceeds. Once assembled, it is possible to verify the design before placing any concrete, enabling any beneficial modifications to be made with minimum disruption.


Individual features and specialist products may be incorporated with the formwork system without compromising performance, further increasing the scope for design variation and particular detail. Sunblocs provide a strong structure incorporating the highest levels of energy efficiency achievable from a standard building system. Co-ordination of other building components and systems, whether metric or imperial sizes, is facilitated by the insitu concrete format allowing practical installation of relevant fixings and connections for consequent operations.


The general simplicity of the building process leads to shorter building programmes for construction of the weathertight shell - and for completion of the following trades.


The Sunbloc system gives performance not only before and during construction but also in the finished building. With higher levels of occupant comfort and lower running costs, Sunbloc gives performance for the life of the building.



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