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Standard Bloc
This is the standard bloc which can also be used for constructing corners or as a half bloc
Lintel Bloc
Forms a 125mm tray abovedoor & window openings for the concrete & steel reinforcement, enabling the lintel to be cast in situ at the same time as the walls
Half Bloc
This is the half height bloc.
Used for maintaining course height when forming lintels.
Floor edge Bloc
This bloc forms an edge to prevent cold bridging at floor/ceiling level.
It is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the V-Tec floor system where it acts as a shuttering to the poured concrete floor.
Short Corner Bloc
The short corner bloc - laid in alternative courses with the long corner bloc. No need for
left and right hand corners.
Long Corner Bloc
The long corner bloc - laid in alternative courses with the short corner bloc. Provides a perfect right angle every time with 100% structural integrity.
End Stop
Held in place by grooves, the end stops are used to retain the concrete infill wherever there is an opening at the end of a wall or the sides of doors and windows. Also very useful for forming voids for floor joists, flues, ducting and pipe work etc.
Corbel Brickledge
Provides a footing to carry a brick or stone fascia.
Frequently used near to the top of the basement or to form a ring beam.
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4-way reversible Sunbloc is the latest and most simple ICF system to build with. A short corner block is included in the range whilst the need for left and right hand corners together with the T junction elements has been eliminated. Plastic Webs provide for ease of cutting and positioning of steel work. Importantly, on completion of the build the modular dimensions and reverse capability designed into Sunbloc, ensure wastage is minimal and can be limited to site disposal - see LABC registered details


For Basements and Pools, our webs are uniquely moulded with a series of water bars to prevent tracking of water across the spacer. Sunbloc ICF provides the most cost effective method of building water tight structures both above and below ground. A water ingress warrantee is available.


Curved walls, Bays and other non linear features are readily formed by making use of the integrated dowel, moulded into each and every web at 150 mm spacing.   The dowel will also accommodate errors or last minute changes to the modular design. It provides an affective method of joining or "stitching" together elements in a vertical plain.


Please see below for the gallery of individual blocks we supply and their specifications

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